At TUNER GALLERIA Chicago in 2012, we first heard of the Rocket Bunny brand.  Local Chicago tuning shop, Touge Factory brought out a black coupe and white convertible version of the popular Nissan 240SX, both clad with the Rocket Bunny kit.  A few weeks prior to that show, we caught a behind the scenes glimpse of the Rocket Bunny coupe while visiting TF.  We immediately loved how aggressive the car looked!

Later that year, Toyota and Subaru dominated the tuner scene at SEMA 2012 with their FR-S and BRZ sports cars.  Tokyo Auto Salon 2013 followed suit with over 100 tuned 86s.  The modern hachi-roku was re-born.  One designer in particular stood out and completely stole both shows, Kei Miura from TRA KYOTO and his Rocket Bunny line of aero kits.    

We first met Miura-san at SEMA 2012 when GReddy Performance Products inked a deal to be the importer of all things Rocket Bunny for the US market.  Since then we have kept in touch with Miura-san and visited him in Kyoto, Japan this past summer.  During SEMA 2013, we had lunch with him and talked about him coming to TUNER GALLERIA Chicago this March!  Miura-san has a hectic schedule between all the projects he is involved with.  We are extremely lucky and super excited to have him at TUNER GALLERIA Chicago this coming March!   

Miura-san's Rocket Bunny label has taken over the car scene these past few years.  He also creates the aero for brands like Liberty Walk, Ben Sopra, Phoenix Power, Sarto Racing and the recently unveiled Speedhunters collab!

Come to TUNER GALLERIA Chicago on March 1st to meet Kei Miura from Rocket Bunny!

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