Tuner Galleria Competitior Spotlight: Chris Dunbar


While we have been a little biased towards European vehicles in our past set of competitor spotlights, Tuner Galleria has a lot of love for properly built Imports as well.  Chris Dunbar's 2006 Subaru WRX is one of the cleanest WRX's we've seen i...



The SEMA show held during the first week of November every year showcases the latest project cars and aftermarket parts that the industry has to offer.  Like every other year, most of the eye candy is located in the South Hall of the Las Vegas C...

Tuner Galleria Model Spotlight: Mariel Mendoza


As summer starts to subside and the nation gets a little cooler throughout, Tuner Galleria has decided to turn up the heat by sitting down with this stunning model, Mariel Mendoza.  Hailing straight from Sin City Las Vegas, Nevada, Mariel has ta...

Tuner Galleria Competitor Spotlight: Carson Yang


Tuner Galleria is not only about the top show cars with the most amount of money poured tastefully into them.  Many of our top show cars are cleanly built daily drivers full of functional modifications that enhance the experience each time their...

Tuner Galleria Model Spotlight: Miki Taka


Unless you've been living underneath a rock the last couple of years, you've heard or seen Miki Taka around the scene.  She's a gorgeous beauty that's already established herself with a polished resume including Miss Formula DRIFT 2009 and a spo...

Tuner Galleria Competitor Spotlight: Monrak Saengsastra


Monrak Saengsastra is no stranger to tuning some fine high-end European automobiles. His previous project was a fully decked out Ferrari 360 Modena sporting the complete Imola Racing GT Evoluzione body kit in carbon fiber. So naturally when he wanted...

Tuner Galleria Competitor Spotlight: Randy Riggs


Randy Riggs' Infiniti G35 is one of those cars that you'd have to search high-and-low, bumper-to-bumper to find anything that's stock left on it. When we first spotted Randy's car a few years ago, it sported the stock paint and a four-piece Kenstyle ...

Tuner Galleria Competitor Spotlight: Alan Lam


With BMW's release of the 335i and subsequently its N54 twin turbo powerplant, car builders worldwide have embraced it with wide open arms. The performance offered out of the 3.0L twin-turbocharged motor and the already good looks of the 3-series com...

Tuner Galleria Competitor Spotlight: Mike Chou


Unless you've been living under a rock the last few years or pay little to no attention to the show scene, tUNINGwERKS COMPETITION ("TWC") should be in your vocabulary. One of the most successful, if not the most successful car club in America, TWC s...

Tuner Galleria Model Spotlight: Cathy Sierra


This stunning newcomer to the scene is already making splashes.  It's hard to not be completely captivated by her stunningly natural beauty and we're so fortunate to have the opportunity to sit down and chat with Cathy Sierra.  This self-pr...