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Is it possible to just plug my PS3 using an HDMI cable? Just stirat HDMI out(from ps3) to HDMI in(monitor) because I have it set up but when I switch inputs it doesn't seem to do anything other then go black and say HDMI on the top left, then it goes back. [url=]whfzgzu[/url] [link=]ovtaaqlcu[/link]

I returned a 23 Asus buacese it had 4 dead pixels and a crackling from the HDMI audio. This was the replacement. It was almost out of my price range but there are two key features which I believe make the extra expenditure worthwhile: a built-in HDTV tuner and composite A/V connections in the back. I can now ditch the USB TV tuner and just use this monitor for watching TV in the computer room. The built-in speakers are not great but then again they never are on TV's of this size or smaller anyway. The composite connections will enable me to play the Nintendo Wii in the computer room which is something I could not do before with any computer standard monitor (Wii does not support HDMI or DVI).Regarding the primary reason I bought the unit to use as a monitor I have the following experience to offer: using HDMI to connect to the computer did result in a perfect picture at full resolution, but it causes the built-in speakers to produce a very annoying low humming noise even when no sound is present. I have experienced this in the past with other HDMI monitors with built-in speakers so I don't think the unit is defective; I think it is just one of those HDMI audio quirks. Also, when putting the PC to sleep with the HDMI cable a little message stays on the screen until you turn off the monitor. It does not do with with the DVI connection; the monitor simply goes black when you sleep the PC like it is supposed to when using the DVI connection. I switched over to a HDMI to DVI cable (which I happened to have anyway; it was not included with this item) and both problems were solved. No hum from the internal speakers at all. I was planning on using my existing external speaker system anyway so this was not a problem at all. So I am using the DVI connection on the monitor which connects to the HDMI port on my laptop, and I have my external speakers plugged directly into the laptop. Everything is working perfectly now.The Samsung monitors I have used in the past a 20 and 25.5 had great picture quality so i expected the same from this this monitor. I was not disappointed. Strictly as a monitor, it is as bright and as sharp as any 23 HD monitor I have used in the past (Apple, Dell, etc). There is nothing more I could expect from the unit in this regard. The color and contrast are preferable to the Asus I had to return and I found no dead pixels this time either.So, bottom line, if you are like me and want a unit which will serve as an excellent 23 monitor 90% of the time and an adequate TV/Video Game monitor the other 10% of the time, I believe this is the unit for you. I would not, however, recommend this if you are planning on using it as a TV 90% of the time and a PC monitor 10% of the time. The speakers are simply not good enough to fill up a room like I would expect a normal TV to do. If you just want a TV at or near your desk, then I am sure this will be fine. Also don't forget what I said about not using a HDMI to HDMI cable for the monitor. I would recommend buying an HDMI to DVI adapter if your computer only has a HDMI port, or just using DVI to DVI if your computer has a DVI port.

If u think that's the down side obviously u don't? get NFC. NFC tech is much safer than caiyrrng cards. If u lose ur phone u can deactivate it or wipe it out remotely in a sec. If u lose ur wallet with everything in it u need to call all companies for every card, license etc. NFC is the future.

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