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(Electronics) I bought this unit as a ranelcemept for a Philips DC320 that I had brought home from a local Best Buy and returned within a week (you can find my entertaining review of that thing on the Best Buy site). The DC315 overcomes the major failing of the other unit by providing a readable display that doesn't flood the room with light. In fact the display here is rather beautiful with a nice color and an interesting but still legible font. Actually the entire unit is very attractive with the large glossy black face and the design motif which mimics and blends very well with the iPhone making you just want to look at it. It doesn't take up a lot of real estate, but the large face makes a dramatic impact nonetheless. The display has three brightness settings with a good range, but does not automatically adjust for ambient light. Fortunately even the brightest is not unacceptable to sleep with in a dark room, and the middle one is still very visible in daylight.As with the other unit I like the alarm with it's ascending volume. It is the gentlest wake-up I've gotten from a machine. The sound is pretty good overall with some amount of bass and decent balance. However although the sound is better than a typical clock radio, it is not as quite as good as the DC320 in terms of detail and stereo imaging. But it is able to play louder than the DC320 without gross bass distortion. There are some other issues. One of the segments in the secondary display below the clock doesn't work. Fortunately it is in a position that is only used for radio frequency displays and I can live with it considering the annoyance of returning a mail ordered item (another review of a similar Philips item I read cites a similar display problem interesting). As with the other unit the snooze bar is right next to and feels exactly like the button to reset the alarm for the next day which is risky when you are half asleep and trying to get another nine minutes in the morning. I will probably modify one button somehow so it feels different. It requires a fair amount of force to properly seat the iPhone in the dock so that it will charge. Unfortunately with the physical design of this item the force required causes the entire unit to tip forward. Stabilizing it with your other fingers on the top of the unit always results in unwanted buttons being pushed. A small pad behind the iPhone (or iPod) adjusts in and out to allow the right angle and support to be achieved with the iProduct you are using. Unfortunately again the adjustment is by a cheap feeling plastic knob in the back which is quite loose and will not stay where you put it. It doesn't appear that the unit has a battery backup for power outages, although I haven't actually tested this yet. And last, and probably worst, the alarm only goes for a half an hour, including snoozes! So if you hit the snooze more than 3 times, then 3 minutes into the last snooze period the alarm simply turns off without warning, leaving you snoozing. Honestly I don't know where Philips found an engineer to design this who had never used an alarm clock.So this unit certainly isn't perfect, exhibiting a quirkiness and so-so design quality that appears to be characteristic of Philips electronics. I could probably get a much more feature-rich and better designed product for a similar price. But the style is great, especially compared with other iDocks available, it is usable as an alarm clock, and the sound quality is really pretty decent. So I will keep this one I guess. [url=]bepxvamgo[/url] [link=]focdbhot[/link]

I'm getting an annneta failure on my 2010 Ford Edge. I've called two area Ford dealers and neither have heard of this. Not sure what to do next. My Sirius account is active, and if I turn it to 184 I can hear the promos but the text reads of the error. Any advice?

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