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I was a little scpteikal about purchasing this player since it is made by a no-name company. Usually buying cheap things with no brand name has been disappointing for me but I decided to take the plunge and buy it based on the reviews I have read. I am very happy I took the gamble. This is really a nice player considering the price!When I first got it I was impressed by the packaging. It looked nice and came with all the accessories. When I first held the player it felt alright construction I think is above average but not as solid and durable as the Iphone. Why compare the body to the Iphone you ask? Well the answer is because it is made to look almost identical to the Iphone in terms of shape, feel, and overall look but obviously that is where the similarities end.Now in terms of using it, I was very impressed by the wide varity of formats it plays. In the old days when I had other video players, they usually played a very limited formats or only one proprietary video format which required the dreaded and tedious process of conversion. This player is great because it easily plays a large amount of diverse formats with no problem at all. The mp3 player is also very easy to use no conversion required.Loading videos and music from my computer to the player is SUPER EASY! I love this. All you have to do is open the drive which corresponds to the player and copy and paste the video and mp3 files to the player. THAT'S IT! Nothing complicated. In fact, if you plug your player to your computer, your computer should open the player drive for you. How easy is that! Once loaded all you have to do is touch the video icon-to play a particular video file-and that is it!Now for the most important and crucial part of the player: video playback quality and sound quality. I am happy to say the video quality is good but NOT great. I bet the resolution during video playback of an Apple multimedia player and other much more expensive players are slightly better, but they will cost you a lot more money than this player. Think $150 or more at least for a video player with higher quality playback and built-in 4GB. The sound is also good but not great.The player also has a nice feature which I like which is a speaker. Yea the speaker is small and has somewhat of tinny sound but that said it is passable. The speaker is more of a convenience feature to be used in the event that you don't have your earphones. The sound with the included earphones are good but it will sound a lot better if you buy a good quality earphones like a Sony or Panasonic.In terms of battery life, this remains a question mark since I just got this device and I really did not have a chance to really test it out in terms of battery life. I will update this review when I chance to really test it out.Another aspect which I like to mention is about the durability of this media player. I don't know how many times you can drop it or abuse it before it stops working right. I know that the Iphone and other good products made by Apple are drop tested many times and are designed to take a lot of abuse and still work. I am a little concerned about this issue because cheap knock-offs are really disposable and are not really meant to last since they are cheaply constructed. So far I am happy with this player and I hope that it can take a lot of abuse especially since I have a baby newphew that likes to throw things!Finally, what I like about this player is that it is EXPANDABLE. This may not sound like a big deal but it really is. The player comes with built-in memory of 4GB but you can add a mini SD card and expand the memory. In my research of media players I noticed most of them-including the very expensive ones-had fixed memory/built-in memory storage and that is it. That means that with other players if you have a lot of things you want to add in the future and if you reached the memory storage limit of the player, you either have to delete what you have stored or buy another player with more built-in memory. With this player you just simply add a memory card with your video/music files on it. You don't have to delete anything you have stored even if you have reached the storage 4GB limit. THIS IS A GREAT AND CONVENIENT FEATURE. Since I just got the player I have not had to use a memory card but it is nice to know that I could if I want to expand the memory storage capacity.UPDATE:After 2 weeks, I had to return this multimedia player. The battery life is very bad and it failed to stay on when I turned it on !!!! I sent emails to the company and they were nice and responsive. Eventually after trying everything they told me to return it back to Amazon for a refund. I contacted Amazon and I was able to return it with no hassle. I like that.Do yourself a favor, DON'T BUY VERY CHEAP MULTIMEDIA PLAYERS!! Yea the

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